I'm Daniel Burk, located in central Michigan.

ws6transam.org has been in existance since 1997, in one form or another. Originally located on www.isthq.com, this is the place where ALDL diagnotsic information was first published on-line. Since then, many, many (and I mean many) folks have capitalized and built upon this information to give you unparalleled access to your ECM.

This webspace has been eclipsed by many other fine sites, such as www.camaroz28.com and www.thirdgen.org, but that's okay with me. This website is mostly a documentation of my own project, based on my humble 1984 Trans Am.

I've been a member of the f-body.org mailing lists since early 1994, and I've been wrenching on this old car of mine since 1990. There are no fasteners left on my car that HAVEN't been replaced, tweaked, turned, or broken off by me. In fact, I think I officially replaced the last piece of the powertrain just this last year. The only stock pieces left are the actual WS6 springs and swaybars, and they seem to work just fine.